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Happier Being is the cornerstone of Dr. Tal’s approach. It’s the notion that no matter what developmental step you are in, or what struggles you are facing, you can become happier. In fact, your thoughts, emotions and behaviors are all driven by and reflective of your ultimate aim – that of becoming happier. 

Dr. Tal recently published a book about this approach, Happier Being: Your Path to Optimizing Habits, Health & Happiness.

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By prioritizing your well-being, your mind and your heart’s desires align and unlock your personal compass to reach your goals. You have the ability to decrease pain and increase meaning and pleasure. Whether you want to become a happier being working, a happier being parenting, or any other form of happier being, you can do it, we all can. 

The beautiful part about ‘happier being’ is that it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Being happy has shown to strengthen one’s health, relationships, energy, productivity, and so much more. As a result, a cyclical positive feedback loop evolves: the more happiness you learn to cultivate, the more well-being you gain, and the more you’re able to accomplish your goals. Life-satisfaction then goes up, as does, once again, your happiness.

In short, when you’re happier, life is better. If each and every one of us can learn how to become a happier being, we’ll have happier people, happier communities, happier countries, and a happier planet. And this is the cascading power of Happier Being! So, why waste another day without investing in your happiness?

You can learn more about Dr. Tal’s work, books, and other offers on her website.

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I am a licensed psychologist with over 25 years of comprehensive clinical experience. My ultimate goal is to give everyone the tools to decrease pain, increase pleasure, enhance personal growth, and become a Happier Being!